Our downloadable guide to Jazz Fest.

jazz fest schedule

We should get a break from the rain today, and while I don't need the heat and mugginess, the Fair Grounds do. 

Today brings the first weekend of Jazz Fest to an eccentric end. Jimmy Buffett is as down-the-middle a booking for a closer as the festival can manage, but neither Pitbull on Congo Square nor Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are naturals for Jazz Fest. With Pitbull, you know exactly what you're going to get, and when he played New Orleans during the Super Bowl in 2013, he was almost the hype man for his own show, giving the thump of his vaguely Latin electronic disco a smiling face. It would be nice if Bennett and Gaga could get a little weird, but so far the tour has focused far more on his musical background than hers.

Once again, here's our downloadable schedule, complete with recommendations. I hope to see the acts colored blue, and those colored orange are New Orleans and Louisiana acts that should be on your radar if they aren't already.