Phoenix on SNL, Fleetwood Mac at the Gardens.

Photo of Fleetwood Mac

One of the toughest choices at Jazz Fest this year will come Saturday, May 4 when Fleetwood Mac, Phoenix, and Frank Ocean perform opposite each other. This weekend, the first two bands performed in New York City. Fleetwood Mac played Madison Square Gardens, and reviewer Michaelangelo Matos wrote: 

Fleetwood Mac have so many hits that when they don’t just play them in concert, it can seem like they’re doing something new. That’s how it felt on last night at Madison Square Garden, where many of the obvious (and correct) choices like “Go Your Own Way” and “Gypsy” were goosed by a surprising, and gratifying, number of deep cuts.

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This weekend, Phoenix will be one of the headliners at Coachella. Last weekend, they were the musical guests on Saturday Night Live and played a secret show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Here's a review of that show and the SNL performances.