A Spotify playlist selected by rapper Dee-1.

photo of Dee-1

[My Spilt Milk has asked a number of artists performing this weekend to select playlists of music that is meaningful to them. Thursday, hip-hop artist Dee-1 plays Jazz Fest. Here's his list. For more on Dee-1, here is our podcast interview with him.]

"I listen to these artists for the following reasons:
Nas - overall, he's my all-time favorite rapper. His music has taught me a lot about life. 
DMX - His passion is infectious.
Juvenile - If you're a hip-hop fan from New Orleans and not a Juvenile fan, something's wrong with you.
Tupac - He's a combination of what I love about Nas and DMX.
T.I. - Tip makes anthems. I love that.
Lupe Fiasco - Lupe's music makes me think out of the box and creatively inspires me.

Dee-1 plays the Congo Square Stage at Jazz Fest Thursday at 2:45 p.m.