Our schedule and picks for Friday at jazz Fest.

jazz fest schedule

Thursday was a beautiful day to be at the Fair Grounds, and Friday promises to be just as nice. There's a lot to see though, and I'll try to see more than I know I'll make. I'm curious about Paloma Faith, another Motown/American soul-influenced British female singer. On record, she sounds like she's got the voice and good-enough songs. I'm also excited to see the Australian Aboriginal singer Gurrumul on Congo Square. What I've heard online could go either way for me--great voice, perhaps too serious for a sunny afternoon--but this Jazz Fest has been short on discoveries and pleasant surprises, so I'm hoping for a few.

It's also entertaining to the string of judges from The Voice play Jazz Fest. When Gwen Stefani plays with No Doubt tomorrow, she'll keep alive a string that includes Cee-Lo, Adam Levine (with Maroon 5) and Christina Aguilera. I'm surprised we have yet to see Blake Shelton, and my wife looks forward to the day that Shakira plays Jazz Fest.

Here is my downloadable schedule and tip sheet for the day. Shooter Jennings is the biggest question mark in my picks since I've seen him do country and southern rock, but he's also made a Nine Inch Nails-like country album as well. I'm guessing Friday won't be like that, but he is the son of an outlaw, so ....

The shows I hope to see are marked in green, and the Louisiana acts that ought to be on your radar are marked in purple.