This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new music by Death by Unga Bunga, Idgy Dean, Griz, and more.

Idgy Dean photo
Idgy Dean

1. “Straight Lines” – Shopping: In the same instant I hit play, I began frantically bopping my head to this track. It’s a frenetic post-punk scramble that manages to sustain momentum throughout its two and half minute run time.  You can catch Shopping on November 13 at the Hi-Ho Lounge.

2. “Tell Me Why” – Death by Unga Bunga: Norwegian garage rock group, Death by Unga Bunga, have produced a very mosh/lovable track that asks the mundane questions most artists aren’t sarcastic enough to mention. The Tell Me Why EP will be available in the US on October 2.

3. “This is News” – Mike Krol: The wall of sound that erupts five seconds after hitting play made “This is News” one of my favorite tracks of this week’s FSM. It’s an unapologetic alternative cut taken from Turkey, the album due out August 28 on Merge Records.

4. “Midnight Sun” – Synkro: In an ambient track that prefaces hard-hitting percussion with oriental, atmospheric sounds, Synkro utilizes lush synths and distorted drum kits to build a tune that lends itself to late-night work sessions.

5. “Wuv” – Blookah: “Wuv” is a lounging, swaying single from Iowa producer, Blookah, which draws on hip-hop and soul influences to create a rich aural soundscape.

6. “Loves the Jobs You Hate” – Honne: The group behind the hit, “Warm on a Cold Night,” has produced more pop-funk gold with this catchy synthesized single off the forthcoming Over Lover EP, set for release on September 2.

7. “Armour” – Lupa J: The thudding bassline that builds around Lupa J’s seductive vocals is a hallmark of this carefully layered and well-executed single by the seventeen year old Australian singer/songwriter/producer.

8. “Feelin’ High” – Griz ft. Eric Bloom: Griz never fails to disappoint, and with support from Blue Oyster Cult veteran, Eric Bloom, he delivers lighthearted, quality summer-fare, “Feelin’ High.” Sultry saxophone riffs percolate lilting vocals throughout this funky single, which you can grab as a free download, and may see live on October 3 when Griz plays the Joy Theater.

9. “Ominus Harminus” – Idgy Dean: Tribal drums and haunting vocal harmonies create a lush space for anxiously defiant lyricism to shine in this single off Idgy Dean’s forthcoming LP, Ominus Harminus. You can pick up a copy of the record on September 18.

10. “Sleep In” – Telekinesis: There’s a sense of wholesome finality in this single, taken from Telekenesis’ Ad Infinitum, which taps into an overplayed pop sentiment without succumbing to banality. With less than two thousand plays, this is definitely a track to play for (and to impress) your friends after a long night out. Ad Infinitum is available digitally through the iTunes store.