My Spilt Milk premieres a new track from the local EDM phantom.

HelloNegro photo

Local EDM artist HelloNegro more or less made his public debut when he played an early afternoon set at The Voodoo Music Experience last year. He has kept a low profile, performing infrequently and maintaining a degree of anonymity. He has also tried to create a distinctly New Orleans brand of electronic music based on ages-old principles. He told Brian Boyles:

It is the philosophy of creating a paradigm that provides structure, but enough space for you to improvise. Which is something I learned playing jazz. You sit down and play a jazz composition, there are chord changes, there’s a melody, and there’s a form. The magic in creating art with that is, that’s just a template. The beauty comes from your ability to improvise and your ability to develop themes.

HelloNegro performs tonight, he’ll play the Circle Bar at 1 a.m.; today we’ve got an exclusive debut of new track that radically samples a local star.