This week "Freshly Spilt Milk" has new music from Penguin Prison, Doldrums, CRNKN and more.

Penguin Prison photo
Penguin Prison


1. “Never Gets Old” – Penguin Prison: “Never Gets Old” is a single off Lost in New York, the new album from Pengun Prison due out May 5 on Downtown Records. If this track is any indication, the album will be suffused with upbeat synth-pop vibes, and tropical, dance-inducing rhythms.

2. “What a Dream I Had” – Cool Ghouls: Nicknamed “San Francisco’s Doomed,” this band will be playing on March 18 at the Saint. “What a Dream I Had” is a psychedelic jam that is undeniably immersed in an appreciation for the Beatles, specifically, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

3. “Message” – Will Joseph Cook : This 17-year-old songwriter has been making waves in the UK indie-folk scene and after listening to his new single, “Message,” it’s easy to see why.  It’s an introspective effort to overcome nostalgia that plays out nicely against floating guitar riffs. Stay tuned for Will Joseph Cook’s forthcoming EP, You Jump I Run, due out April 21 via Duly Noted.

4. “Loops” – Doldrums: The name of the new album by Doldrums, The Air Conditioned Nightmare, was coined by writer Henry Miller after he returned to the US after years as an expatriate. Doldrums' Airick Woodhead liked the name and used it to title the album centered on conflict.

5. “Smother (with Mothica)” – Tennyson: A young, brother-sister duo known for unusual, jazzy electronica and break-beat rhythms, Tennyson have found their groove with “Smother.”

6. “Donald’s Bird” – Falcon Punch: Falcon Punch is a nu-disco/funk producer from Minneapolis, who creates clean and classy grooves that are ideal for the more refined tropical house connoisseur.

7. "Cool ft. Roy English” (CRNKN Remix) – Alesso: CRNKN has ventured out from his usual bass-heavy sound with this club rendition of Alesso’s popular new track, “Cool.”

8. “Toronto” – Christian Rich: Chicago-born twins Christian Rich have just released a new track called "Toronto.” They've received instruction and guidance from Pharrell Williams, and have worked on tracks for artists ranging from Drake, to Childish Gambino and Earl Sweatshirt. This syrupy single is one not to miss.

9. “Frozen” – Grosser: This single from New Orleans' MC Grosser, is brooding and artistic. Distorted vocals slide over a spare instrumental that is reminiscent of XXYYXX, and begs to be replayed again and again. This is the first release from the Split EP, set for release March 18. You can catch Grosser live at Gasa Gasa in April.

10. “Shutdown” – Skepta: Grime is rumored to be the hot genre of 2015, and Skepta is one of the artists on the forefronts of this movement. Grime combines essences of UK garage and dub sounds, with relatively minimal drum kits. Kanye West recently played with Skepta, so all eyes are on this young artist and his relatively unknown genre to make a name for themselves. Sketpa’s EP Shutdown Is due out April 26.

11. “Split Your Ends” – Wire: After recently announcing news of its forthcoming self-titled album, due April 13, Wire has shared a new track “Split Your Ends.” This single reflects the record's heavier side, and addresses some of the subject matter that the album is expected to grapple with, such as love and enigmatic accounts.

12. “Kids” (Live at Pickathon) – Diarrhea Planet: The release of this single marks the beginning of a new live series being put together by Pickathon, the Portland, Oregon music festival.  The series will showcase the festival's musical diversity; here, we get a taste of Diarrhea Planet’s raucous performance of "Kids" from the Woods Stage at the festival..

Updated March 13, 2:34 p.m.

The Diarrhea Planet blurb has been changed to better characterize the nature of the performances.