This week's "Freshly Spilt Milk" features new music from Django Django, Geographer, Sea Lion and more.

Django Django Photo
Django Django

1. “Reflections” – Django Django: Similar to LCD Soundsystem, Django Django carefully layers melodies and instruments until something that toes the line on overwhelming erupts from the speakers. “Reflections” is an eclectic musical journey that is taken from forthcoming album, Born Under Saturn, which is available for pre-order now.

2. “The Guest” – Geographer: A dreamy synth-pop track that is grounded by indie rock assurance, “The Guest” is one of many exciting new tracks on Geographer’s album, Ghost Modern. Geographer will be playing at Gasa Gasa on May 27.

3. “Got Your Money” – Twin Peaks: “Got Your Money” is the B-side of “In the Morning (In the Evening) which has just been released on clear orange vinyl. It is an inviting garage rock track that you can catch live at Gasa Gasa on June 12

4. "Accidental” – Ravi Shavi: Ravi Shavi’s subtly desperate indie rock track is a preview of a self-titled album that will be released on Almost Ready Records.

5. “In Brilliance” – Hutch and Cathy: This pop-folk track is infectious and warm, with upbeat vocals and instrumentation that includes a harmonica. This is a single from their self-titled debut album.

6. “Illuminate” – The Breton Sound: This single from New Orleans locals, The Breton Sound, pleasantly balances indie and rock ‘n roll influences. Their new EP will be released May 19.

7. “Aftergold” – Big Wild: “Aftergold” is a head-nodding, 90 BPM single that was recently released by Odesza through their Foreign Family Collective, “an outlet for musicians and visual artists alike curated by the duo behind ODESZA.” It is definitely one not to miss.

8. “Artificial Stasis” – Lee Bannon: This haunting, ambient track is reminiscent of XXYYXX’s “About You” and a few other late-night, semi-purple tracks from the artist. It is perfect for a rainy day and a bit of introspection.

9. “Room” – Sea Lion: “Room” is an extremely bare, piano driven single from an artist who explains, “I recorded 'Room' after a week of frustration where I couldn’t record anything that didn’t feel like crap and I was unsure whether to push it any further or to just give up.” This song is both triumphant and somber in its foundation within writer’s block.

10. “Wolf BBQ” – Glockabelle: An experimental track from the French musician, Glockabelle has produced a work that stands at the intersection between electronic music and pop-punk sensibilities.