This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new remixes from AlunaGeorge, Dillon Francis, and Arty, as well groovy originals from Nora En Pure, Classixx, and Big Z.

Dillon Francis likes to get down.

1. "Just Let Go" feat. How To Dress Well - Classixx: Michael David and Tyler Blake are three years removed from their first studio album Hanging Gardens. They have already released a single, "Whatever I Want," with R&B singer T-Pain in anticipation for their next album Faraway Reach, which will be released June 3. In addition to T-Pain and How To Dress Well, the album also has features from the likes of Panama and Passion Pit. "Just Let Go" uses the falsetto tones of Tom Krell in their latest single, which gives the song a disco feel.

2. "Hiding From The Rain" feat. MarØ - Autolaser & PLS&TY: These two producers are no stranger to the use of synth, and show a keen ability to blend soul and pop. This track reminds me of Beats Antique, with its world fusion sound and tribal undertones. Vocalist MarØ takes this beat to a whole new level by adding a soulful element.

3. "Sleeping In My Bed" (Radio Mix) - Nora En Pure & Sons of Maria: South African producer Daniela Niederer is already set apart from most of the deep house world, as a female. She has created an ambient house sound that is suitable for underground nightclubs as well as festivals like Coachella, which she played earlier this year.

4. "You" - Max Freegrant & Haxxy: When a trance and a techno producer blend their styles, a track like "You" is inevitable. Freegrant's trance background allows his to instill a dreamy melody, paired with soft male vocals. Haxxy and his techno background adds a progressive background to the song. Producers Eric Prydz, Grum, and Deadmau5 have been seen using this blend to create and similar sound. 

5. "Fool For You" feat. Jackson Breit - Big Z: Philadelphia-based producer Zach Caraher initially gained popularity a year ago with his remix of "Thinking About You" by Calvin Harris. He is extremely experimental, and transforms the original single's vocals by distorting the lyrics and altering the melody. He introduced a new kind of uplifting house. In "Fool For You," he uses xylophone chords to accompany Jackson Breit's energetic vocals. 

6. "We Know" feat. Katrine Stenbekk (Vintage & Morelli Remix) - Boom Jinx & Soundprank: Boom Jinx's EP We Know features remixes from himself, Jerome Isma-Ae, and Vintage & Morelli. While each of these producers attempt to enhance the progressive house tune, none of them do so quite like Vintage & Morelli. He gives the track a completely fresh coat of paint and highlight the strong vocals from Katrine Stenbekk. This remix slows down the original track and gives it a calm and steady beat with a seamless drop. This is a drastic departure from the high-tempo house that Boom Jinx produced for this particular track. 

7. "Space Sheep" - Oliver Heldens & Chocolate Puma: Heldens first debuted the comically-titled "Space Sheep" at Ultra Music Festival in Miami earlier this year during Don Diablo's set. At only 22 years old, Heldens attempts to get his hands on anything future house, even if it means interrupting fellow Dutch producer Don Diablo's Ultra set. He has capitalized significantly on the rise in popularity of future house, which is characterized by deep house married with dubstep. His latest single, is not necessarily innovative, but the help of Chocolate Puma allows for a more underground feel on the track. 

8. "Electric Intercourse" - Nero: In light of the lost legend Prince, artists all over the world have reached out to show their support and pay homage to him. English dubstep trio Nero does so by covering Prince's "Electric Intercourse," which suits frontwoman Alana Watson's dreamy, yet strong voice. The cover features piano rifts as well as electric keyboard. Watson and Nero do the song justice, while giving it a fresh electronic rework.

9. "Need You" - Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE: Dillon Francis is known for his since of humor and lively personality, which is evident in the video form of the new single. The high-pitched female vocals in the hook give the illusion that the song is a literal cry for help, and the male reggaeton vocals foster the moombahton sound that Francis has created over the years. NGHTMRE adds a trap element of heavy drum and bass in the drop, while retaining the dancy feel cultivated by reggaeton.

10. "First Mind" - Genix: In a classic Anjunabeats release, Genix kicks off this track with all percussion and no melody at first. This is a trademark for the label's progressive trance form. Ethereal vocals are introduced halfway into the track, which builds in dynamics and tempo. There is something to be said about the ability of the English trance producer to create big room house tracks that retain the personal feel of classic trance.

11. "Surprise Yourself" (AlunaGeorge Remix) - Jack Garratt: The stalling continues and anticipation grows as AlunaGeorge keeps us waiting even longer for their second album. In the meantime, they hope to tide us over with a new take on the British soul singer Jack Garratt's "Surprise Yourself." The uplifting lyrics and strong vocals pair well with the already charming synth pop that AlunaGeorge produces. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Aluna Francis herself does not actually sing on the track, it may not be heard during their live performances. The vocals are altered, chopped up, and well-placed to create the dancy melody in the drop.

12. "I'm Honestly Not A Gangster" - Jerry Folk: The ominous intro to this track in no way prepares you for the level of funk achieved in the rest of the song. The vocals in this track are enticing and robotic in a Daft Punk way. The keyboard rift and cymbal slide-strokes give the track a jazzy feel, which is the defining characteristic of the new song.

13. "Wild Things" (Young Bombs Remix) - Alessia Cara & G-Eazy: Nineteen-year old Alessia Cara channels her primal self in this track featuring rapper G-Eazy. She sings about feeling at home doing wild things with wild people, like a typical rebellious teenager would. Vancouver producers Young Bombs put a tribal spin on it adding bongos to the beat, which complement Cara's tribal calls in the chorus.

14. "Open Fire" feat. Daniel Johns - Slumberjack: The opening of the track sounds like a skipping record player, remedied by the soulful voice of Daniel Johns. Slumberjack ups the ante with stuttering synth in the drop, and heavy bass. This hard-hitting track opens fire by using synth and more synth as ammunition.

15. "Play That Way" - The Underachievers: This Brooklyn hip-hop duo gives us rattling bass and a New York gangster rap vibe in their new single, which is part of their new It Happened In Flatbush mixtape. AK and Issa Gold provide a high energy and forceful delivery of their bars about slinging dope and warning people who cross them.

16. "Is It Love" (Arty Remix) - 3LAU: 3LAU's delivered an instant classic earlier this year with the release of his single, "Is It Love." Now, it has been remixed by Arty, Jenaux, Sultan + Shepard, and Justin Caruso. Arty delivers the best remix, giving the track a new, euphoric and uplifting melody, something the Russian producer has become known for. Still not better than the original, but it's nice to hear the track take on a new energy and a new life. 

17. "No Money" (Dillon Francis Remix) - Galantis: Swedish duo Christian Karlsson (current member of Miike Snow) and Linus Eklöw use children’s voices for the vocals in their extremely popular single. This gives the track a fun and whimsical sound. Dillon Francis turns a song with silly vocals into a trap song with heavy bass, rather than the housey original. This remix ultimately improves the song and will be more fun to play in front of a festival crowd than the original,.