The Swedish DJs couldn't wait till their Friday set time, and had a secret show with Uber Thursday night. 

galantis photo

Galantis stood out amongst the hype of Voodoo weekend when the Swedish DJ duo teamed up with Uber to play a secret show Thursday. The show was announced on Wednesday, and Uber users were instructed to call an Uber after 6 p.m. Thursday and use a code to chance a ride to the show.

When selected, riders were taken to the Ice Pick in the Orpheum Theater, where Uber had taken over the basement venue with a photo booth, promotional giveaways, and an opening set by a DJ who was himself an Uber driver. The venue filled up quickly as the Ubers arrived, with mostly people enticed by the duo, some by the secrecy, and some simply along for the ride.

Just after eight when the venue was sufficiently packed, Galantis came out, sending the crowd into an absolute frenzy. As the first chords of “Runaway” began, the entire room jumped, synchronized as they belted out the chorus. The heavy beats engulfed the room and the blinding, trippy light show behind the two DJs was fit for a venue three times the size.

Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow, the Swedish DJs that make up Galantis, didn’t seem to care they were playing for a tiny room. “We are Galantis, and we came here to dance with you,” was their only commentary, and that they did. The two switched between mixing, playing the drums set up behind the DJ stand, and simply clapping, dancing and jumping with the crowd just feet from them. The intimacy of the venue seemed to concentrate the energy even more, with an absolutely infectious need to dance captivating everyone in the room. The unlikely nature of the show made it feel spontaneous and free, with the duo having fun and the crowd loving every second.

An hour into the show, the lights dimmed and the constant stream of beats quieted. After this pause came the lyrics, “Girl put your love on me.” The crowd recognized "Love on Me" and peaked again. Karlsson and Eklow clasped hands and raised them, letting the music play as they looked out into the crowd and smiled. It felt like a victory lap, and a well deserved one at that.

The duo takes the Le Plur stage tonight at 9:45 p.m., and if their pregame show was any indication, it will be a show not to miss.