We share the newest music to cross our desk here, on tumblr, and on Soundcloud.

Chromeo photo
Chromeo, by Timothy Saccenti

Every day we get links to new videos and clips on Soundcloud, many of which don't merit stories on their own but they deserve to be shared, either because they're entertaining or the bands are coming to town. At My Spilt Milk's tumblr page, I post the newest music I receive as well as other stuff that makes some kind of sense. Just yesterday, I posted new music from Laura Mvula (playing Jazz Fest), Pattern is Movement (at the Circle Bar Saturday), Graveyard (at The Parish May 1), The Men (at One Eyed Jacks April 28), and Chromeo (at Buku March 22). I don't always see that much relevant music at one time, but those clips help make the page a good place to go to find out more about the bands coming to town.

Much of the music comes in as Soundcloud clips, so I've created "Freshly Spilt Milk," a Soundcloud playlist that will change regularly. As time passes, songs will cycle out and new ones will cycle in. The DJ in me won't allow me to simply put the newest songs at the end and cut songs off the top; in future, some will go, some will come in, and the playlist will be resequenced to make sense with what we have. I've listened to this a number of times and am entertained by everything on it. I hope you like it, and if you run across new material on Soundcloud that we ought to know about, please let us know.