Our friends at ABIS Productions return with a new video of the funk band live at the Blue Nile.

[Updated] In October, our friends at ABIS Productions shot Flow Tribe live at the Blue Nile. Here are videographer Josh Freund's notes from the show:

Sometimes I feel like I’m the youngest person in the crowd at the typical funk show in town. The George Porter Jr.s, the Dumpstaphunks, the Papa Grows Funks (R.I.P.) of the city, stalwarts and masters of the game, seem to attract the same crowd. “Where are my young people at,” I wonder as I dance. 

They’re at the Flow Tribe show. Flow Tribe finds itself part of a funk renaissance in New Orleans, a fundamental component to a new wave of funk bands seeking popularity. Along with others like Earphunk and Gravity A, Flow Tribe provides high energy, exuberant, dancing music. 

They invited us to film their concert at the Blue Nile October 5. We were blown away. I can’t wait until my next Flow Tribe show, where I’ll leave my camera at home and join the party. 

November 24, 10:11 a.m.

The photo in the post has been changed to reflect the band's current lineup.