ABIS Productions debut a new live video featuring Absolute Monster Gentlemen  Derwin “Big D” Perkins and Cornell Williams.

Photo of Derwin "Big D" Perkins of Pockit Tyme
Derwin "Big D" Williams of Pockit Tyme. Photo by BR Studios and Designs

[Updated] Josh Freund of ABIS Productions writes:

The 100 Men Hall rests casually at the end of an unassuming dirt road in Bay St. Louis. As we arrived, Kerrie - who owns the building along with her husband Jessie - sat on the front porch smoking a cigarette and welcomed us with immediacy. This warm and inviting tone was sustained throughout the evening as we entered the hallowed hall, a place where history seeps through the wooden floorboards and hangs in the hair.

The hall, previously a regular stop on the Chitlin’ Circuit, has seen the likes of Guitar Slim to James Booker bless its stage. Pockit Tyme, led by Derwin “Big D” Perkins and Cornell Williams, resurrected the sounds and vibes of legends before them with a rousing show. Their deep and hard funk coupled with gospel accessibility produced must-dance energy.

All night long, “Big D” – a guitar virtuoso – captivated the crowd with his finesse and feel. Williams himself is pure soul and a wonderfully multitalented musician. His enormous vocal range is juxtaposed with sometimes methodical and other times funk-nuanced bass lines.

Pockit Tyme really impressed the crowd when the sensual Zena Moses took the stage during the second set. Moses’s booming voice added another high-energy layer to Pockit Tyme's funk and soul.

Here's footage from the show courtesy of Freund and ABIS Productions; keep an eye on their YouTube Channel for for more from Pockit Tyme and other live shows.

Updated December 1, 6:46 p.m.

Our friends at ABIS Productions have posted a second video from this show, a lengthy, funky version of "Watermelon Man."