Miss Pussycat's puppet mystery series returns with "Mystery in Old Bathbath."

Photo of Miss Pussycat's puppets
From "Parallel Universe." Puppets by Panacea Theriac

Miss Pussycat - Panacea Theriac - has one of the most distinctive and charming artistic voices in New Orleans as seen in her puppet shows. Most of us first saw her work in 2001 when Cox Cable aired her half-hour Christmas special, North Pole Nutrias. The surreal whimsy there and throughout her work is endearing, and her use of local iconography and the voices of members of the music community have made her projects into very personal documents of her world, even as they're set in magical spaces. Her puppets are distinctive, so much so that they shared the focus of the "Parallel Universe" show at NOMA with Quintron, who installed himself and his efforts to record an album, Sucre du Sauvage, in the museum.

Here's the trailer for her newest adventure from Trixie and the Tree Trunks, Mystery in Old Bathbath.

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