Freshly Spilt Milk Returns with new music from Migos, Flume, Zedd, and more, including Cashmere Cat who'll play New Orleans April 14.

cashmere cat photo by max morgenstern for my spilt milk
Cashmere Cat at Buku 2017, by Max Morgenstern

1. "I Swear" - Dirty South feat. ANIMA!: Dirty South, a Serbian producer based in Australia, has been creating progressive house tracks for more than a decade and has been nominated for two Grammys.  "I Swear" is his latest single, and first release after signing to Anjunabeats. The ethereal vocals from Arielle of ANIMA! give a haunting, yet seductive tone to the lyrics. This track also marks a notable transition from big-room style house to a more ambient club style electro. The echoing synth works well to pair with the deep bass line, for a darker feel.

2. "The Night Is Ours" - Alpha 9: Alpha 9 is a new name with a familiar face, as he is the alter ego of Arty. The difference between the two producers is that Alpha 9, while retaining the distinct bouncing basslines that Arty has always used, he focuses on melodic trance rather than mainstream dance and pop music. This track is his first solo release under the new alias. Alpha 9 keeps the melody simple with a fixed chord. He performed in the trance arena at Ultra Music Festival this year and spun old Arty tracks, as well as new and unreleased Alpha 9.

3. "9 (After Coachella)" - Cashmere Cat: Cashmere Cat has become especially familiar with BUKU fans in the past few years. He has attended the festival three times now, and twice in back-to-back years. This year, he played the LED-studded float den, where he debuted his latest single "9 (After Coachella)." Not only is Cashmere Cat a talented live DJ, but he allows his creativity to flow freely in his studio productions as well. His newest production is very dynamic, and morphs from a smooth vocal synth track into a dark trap episode and back. Working with vocalists such as Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and Selena Gomez has allowed him to blend pop with freeform electronic. He'll return to New Orleans April 14 at Republic.

4. "Perfect Pint" - Mike WiLL Made-It feat. Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane, & Kendrick Lamar: Metro Boomin' isn't the only rap producer that deserves the spotlight. Mike WiLL Made-It is the label head of Ear Drummers Entertainment, as well as the executive producer for both SremmLife projects from Rae Sremmurd. However, his most impressive piece of work thus far is his latest album Ransom 2, which features a long list of the industry's most popular artists. Swae Lee sings the chorus of "Perfect Pint" in a purposefully incoherent way in order to imitate the side effects of codeine. This dramatization takes the song to a whole new level.

5. "Bad and Boujee" - ZHU and Migos: Migos have been propelled in to the mainstream by the release of their hit single "Bad and Boujee." The song became an Internet sensation, but ZHU gives the track a whole new soul and really makes it his own. The rework lowers the original pitch of the vocals to match some of the vocal samples that he uses in other songs ("Superfriends" for example). ZHU adds a deep bass line, a breakdown that features his own vocals, and new lyrics that make it perfect for nightclub play.

6. "Adieu (TEEMID Remix)" - Tchami: Tchami went a bit softer than usual with the original "Adieu," straying from his typical bass-heavy future house style. TEEMID makes the track a lot stronger by incorporating more bass, which actually highlights the melody. The song is slowed down slightly, and lower tones make the song feel more relaxed. Even though it would still be considered deep house, it has a rhythmic calming effect similar to tropical house. EDM Sauce has dubbed this sound the birth of a new electronic subgenre all-together.

7. "Stay" - Zedd feat. Alessia Cara: Zedd is one of the only electronic producers that is repeatedly accepted by the mainstream. He combines elements of pop and electro house, to create hits that are perfect for radio play. Alessia Cara joined Zedd onstage during his mainstage performance at this year's Ultra Music Festival. Zedd's live set shows off his love for all kinds of electronic music, by incorporating dubstep and even hard-style house.

8. "Woke Up Like This" - Playboi Carti feat. Lil Uzi Vert: The two latest tracks from Playboi Carti are exciting collaborations with Lil Uzi Vert. He announced an upcoming album in 2016 and fans have been patiently waiting ever since. However, the album has been on a rolling delay the past few weeks due to producer disagreement. These tracks are meant to hold fans over until the official release.

9. "Frozen Ground" - Ilan Bluestone and Giuseppe De Luca: Anjunabeats member Ilan Bluestone has just embarked on a spring North American tour with various label mates, such as Andrew Bayer and Jason Ross. For his most recent track, he employs the strong male vocals of Giuseppe De Luca, who also joined him on his only other vocal track "Bigger Than Love." It seems that this duo is a perfect it, much like Above & Beyond and Zoe Johnston. The concept of using the same vocalist over multiple tracks allows fans to better connect with an artist because that artist has found a most effective way of musical expression through the loyalty to an artist.

10. "I Need You (Club Mix)" - Armin Van Buuren and Garibay feat. Olaf Blackwood: In the trance world, the name Armin Van Buuren reigns supreme. He founded the Dutch electronic music label Armada in 1999, and has created somewhat of a dynasty. The A State Of Trance arena at Ultra Music Festival in Miami is named after him, and he is a resident at the festival. He did both mainstage and trance arena sets this year, where he spun the club mix of his latest track "I Need You." It is vocal trance at its best, with a euphoric synth peak, and high energy drop in which the melody outshines the percussion.

11. "I'm Back" - Sound Remedy: In 2014, Sound Remedy was at the top of his game with some of the best remixes in electronic music and stunning originals. He created bass music that sounds fun and inviting by using high-pitched vocal samples and classical instrumentation. However, his productions became far less frequent, and finally last year he announced that he would no longer produce music. Not long after, he seemed to breach his writers block and began posting simple projects ranging from classical to ambient house. After getting his stride back, he keeps things fresh with a new release that has deep house undertones.

12. "Some Way" - NAV feat. The Weeknd: "Some Way" is an upbeat track with a catchy bass line. The song is about his success making haters feel "some type of way." The Weeknd even insinuates that he stole Selena Gomez from Justin Bieber, a not-so-subliminal dis. Nav produces all of his beats himself, and he prides himself on being self made. He started out producing beats for other artists. In one interview, he stated that he could make whatever an artist needed. This confident producer finally wised up and started to use the beats for himself. His ability to produce beats and rhyme allowed him to call his own shots. His self-titled album is out now.

13. "Bounce Back" - Big Sean: This track is the first single on Big Sean's most recent album I Decided. Although many fantastic hip-hop albums have been released this year already, Big Sean's lyrical ability has surpassed all others in 2017. In the hit single "Bounce Back," he mentions that many people consider him underrated, but he obviously doesn't agree. This album earned him a headlining spot at Lollapalooza 2017.

14. "Kelly Price" - Migos feat. Travis Scott: This track is one of the strongest on the new Migos album Culture. Although Travis Scott's distinct, futuristic, auto-tuned style can be pretty domineering in his features, Migos are extremely adaptive and can mold to almost any beat. "Kelly Price" is a complete mood shift in progression of the album, but it's refreshing to hear them on a slower track. Still, the second verse by Travis Scott is the best out of the three.

15. "Depth Charge" - Flume: In the year since his last LP Skin, Flume won a Grammy and released nine more tracks. The Skin Companion series are EPs that debut some tracks that were not suited for the official LP. These tracks do not fall short in any way, and only prove that Flume is one of the most-skilled producers in the industry. The intense surge of synth during the percussive body of this track the song give it an electric sound.

16. "Get To Know You (Kaytranada Flip)" - NAO: Kaytranada is a Haitian-Canadian that began DJing at 14. having over a decade of experience has allowed him to evolve past the house and trap of the mainstream, and into the old-soul style of electronic R&B, complete with such singers as Anderson .Paak, Solange, and Vic Mensa. His rework of "Get To Know You" is a finger-snapping, hand-clapping jam.

17. "Wu Financial" - Asher Roth feat. The Cool Kids: Hopefully, this new collab isn't just a tease at the return of two artists that have been largely inactive for years. The instrumental on this track is a simple, with no more than a kick drum and a couple guitar strokes. This kind of simplicity in rap music sounds raw and authentic, and is underappreciated in an industry that praises overproduction.