This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new music from Spookyland, Lazyboy Empire, GoldLink and more!

Donovan Wolfington photo
Donovan Wolfington

1. “Ollie North” – Donovan Wolfington: The New Orleanian punk group, Donovan Wolfington, delivers dark introspection and catchy guitar riffs that leave you wanting more on this cut from their album, How to Treat the Ones You Love. Fortunately, you can get a healthy dose of the group tomorrow night at the Republic (November 10).

2. “Bulimic” – Spookyland: This indie song by covers a lot of ground in six minutes, from “bleeding eyes and blood soaked fists,” to feeling all the “love that can be felt,” it is an intriguing and emotional journey from the Australian group, Spookyland.

3. “Vampire” – Lazyboy Empire: “Vampire” is the first groove-heavy, sax-filled house track from newcomer, Lazyboy Empire. Prepare to hit repeat

4. “Back It Up” – They.: This late-night R&B heater comes from They., a relatively unknown act from the same label that boasts Gallant, and the notoriously secretive producer, Zhu.

5. “New Black” – GoldLink: Get a dose of GoldLink’s signature “future bounce” sound on this cut from his debut release, And After That We Didn't Talk. 

6. “Cheap Sofa” – Dave B: Relatively minimal instrumentation allows smooth vocals and smart bars to flourish on this hip-hop single from Dave B.

7. “Underwater (feat. Flores & Olle Grafström) – WoodzSTHLM: Dark vocals and crisp percussion define this promising track from 22-year-old producer, WoodzSTHLM, who will release his first EP, Lighthouse, on November 20 via Mangåta Records.

8. “Game Over” – Cool Uncle: Cool Uncle establishes an instant, slow-burning groove in this cut from off the R&B duo’s forthcoming namesake album.