In a My Spilt Milk podcast, DJ Quickie Mart talks about the challenges in straddling hip-hop and EDM.

Quickie Mart photo

DJ Quickie Mart's roots are in hip-hop, but he has broadened his musical horizons. He still makes hip-hop with Gotham Green, has done a Girl Talk-like mash-up mixtape, and has recorded dubstep remixes of The Vettes and Ricky B. Still, bounce remains a through-line in his career. He has done yacht bounce remixes, and he's half of Gypsyphonic Disko, which mixes bounce with Klezmer and Balkan folk music. He has done bounce remixes of J-Boogie and Skrillex, and he has made bounce tracks including his own recent "Ass Rotation." He releases them and other producer-based music through his online store, Super Mart Produce. Just this week, released a new collaboration with Ricky B, "Breathe (Keep Bounce Thoro)," and it's free for now.

Recently, we talked about bounce, hip-hop and EDM subgenres, and working in both worlds. He's frank in his assessment of hip-hop audiences and EDM fans' priorities.