My Spilt Milk is pleased to present the world premiere of the first video from the band's upcoming album, "Important Things Humans Should Know."

dirty bourbon river show photo
Dirty Bourbon River Show

On Saturday, Dirty Bourbon River Show will play a CD-release party at d.b.a. for Important Things Humans Should Know, which will be released on Tuesday, April 7. The band may have a busker’s lineup of acoustic instruments, but Noah Adams’ songs have a punk immediacy. They don’t sneak up on your or hold any subtleties back to enrich future listenings; you hear them and know them right away.

His lyrics similarly get to the point and stick to it. The woman in “Esmerelda” is “crazy like a banshee,” and the singer wants to get wild in bed with a homemaker in “Like the Movies.” It’s not clear how “One-Legged One-Armed One-Eyed Unicycle Man” fits into an album that largely reflects a bohemian existence, but maybe it’s part of the band’s initial concept that hasn’t quite sorted itself out. 

My Spilt Milk is pleased to present the debut of “Ezmerelda,” the first single from the album.

dirty bourbon river show album cover "Important Things Humans Should Know" by Dirty Bourbon River Show