The Tulane student and beat maker got at spot on this year's Buku lineup as the Most Requested Artist. 

carneyval photo

Recently, Lauren Keenan shot a video interview with local electronic music artist Carneyval, who plays Buku's Back Alley Stage Saturday at 6:15 p.m. Here are her notes after interviewing him.

At first, William Carney--a self-taught piano player and electronic music producer who now works under the name Carneyval--doesn’t seem like the most obvious choice as an addition to the Buku lineup. A student at Tulane, he’s still a college kid who balances schoolwork with late night music making and works out of a small but efficient studio situated off the back of his house. But after two albums released in quick succession and a hit collaboration with Jackson Breit on a version of Bill Withers' "Use Me," Carney’s fan base has grown.

Carney won his spot on the lineup as the most requested local artist to play in 2015. Originally booked for just a DJ set, he finagled his way into a different setup. After all, what separates Carney from many others in the DJ/producer community is his incorporation of live instrumentation into both studio work and live performances.