This week's Freshly Spilt Milk playlist includes new music from Pell, Louque, Autograf, Guerilla Toss, Seratones, and more.

pell photo

1. “Cafe Du Monde” - Pell: TV on the Radio’s David Sitek remixed “11Eleven” from local rapper Pell’s Floating While Dreaming, and he produced this track from Pell’s upcoming Limbo, which will be released on Sitek’s Federal Prism label November 6.

2. “Honeydripper” (RWJ’s alt mix) - Royce Wood Junior: Royce Wood Junior channels classic, funky ‘70s R&B through the adventurous sensibilities of modern beatmakers like Flying Lotus and J-Dilla. The Honeydripper remix EP is due out November 7.

3. “RNDM” - Mega Ran: Name another song that starts with an evaluation of the artist’s Wikipedia page. Mega Ran—for years known as Random—is on his seventh album, and his flow is refreshingly free from bigness. He mentions Xbox and John Cena like he is telling you about his weekend.

4. “The Way She Goes” - Prince Monaco: Baby Prince and Nick Monaco of Brooklyn’s Crew Love posse came together for the EP Facelift and this cool, minimal track.  

5. “Running” - Autograf: The Chicago art-pop trio have a feel for pop-R&B grooves, and “Running” is so immediately catchy that it seems like the song must have always been around. Only the electronic percussion and artificially deadened electric guitar give away the song’s current vintage.

6. “Après Chicago” (Eli & Fur remix) - Eli & Fur: I’m not going to swear I know anything about this track beyond that I like it. The name of it appears differently every place I see it. The titling suggests that they’re remixing their own song, but I’m not sure that’s right either. I do know the DJ duo are from London, and the track has an easy party vibe that wants to fill the dance floor, not crush it.

7. “I Know There’s Something Going On” (Lindstrøm remix) - Frida: In honor of the 70th (!!!) birthday of ABBA’s Frida, Swedish DJ Lindstrøm has remixed her 1982 hit single.

8. “Love Mess” - Shotty: The Seattle trio Shotty will release Little Lady Death November 7. “Love Mess” will be on it and is typical of the band’s pop-through-retro technology sound.

9. “Jetlaggin ft. Messy MC” (Bleep Bloop remix) - Conrank: Bleep Bloop refer to their sound as “bass surrealism”—fair enough considering the way the synth bass sounds pour out at molasses density. Messy MC’s vocals are processed until they are almost unrecognizable as the hook. From Conrank’s Ma Fan EP due out September 29.

10. “Flowers” - Louque: In part two of My Spilt Milk’s story on Dustan Louque, he mentions his “Film Music” file on Soundcloud. Here is a recent track from it.

11. “Suit of Armor” - Birthmark: Nate Kinsella is Birthmark, and the “band” will release its fourth album, How You Look When You're Falling Down, October 16.

12. “Polly’s Crystal” - Guerrilla Toss: Psychedelic dance rock with proclaimed vocals by Kassie Carlson and disturbing/disturbed guitar sounds courtesy of Arian Shaifee. From the Flood Dosed EP due out September 29. 

13. “Necromancer” - Seratones: If other tracks by the Shreveport-based Seratones cross R&B and rock ’n’ roll as convincingly as “Necromancer” does, I may have to road trip to The Varsity in Baton Rouge October 17 to see them. The A-side of a single due out October 16. 

14. “Apple Tree” - Little Fevers: The 2015 version of folk-rock? Sweet female vocal harmonies on a compact, charmingly little song where you can hear the guitar players’ fingers dragging as they form the chords. From Field Trip, due out October 9.

15. “Our Park by Night” - Craft Spells: I recently interviewed Peter Michel of Hibou (who'll return to play the House of Blues October 20), who started as the drummer in Craft Spells. This track is the A-side of a single that will be out October 30, and the affinity between the acts is an obvious love of Britpop. The studio games Craft Spells play with the guitar parts are unsettling, and by contrast they raise the impact of the chorus each time they return to it. 

16. “Lost” - River Tiber: Is everybody in Toronto making bedroom beats? Have Drake and The Weeknd given everybody permission to hole up and make personal R&B grooves? There’s a lot of trippy yearning on this track from his recent EP, When the Time is Right.

17. “Can’t Vibe” - Tower: Los Angeles’ Tower brings to mind Duran Duran-era MTV pop-rock—shiny, attractive, and catchy with just enough technology to sound modern. Tower’s debut single will be out October 2. 

18. “Mastermind” - Disciples: The South London DJ trio create the sort of groove that sounds like it could go on all night. Unshowy, but perhaps the coolest dance track this week. From The Following EP, due out October 24.

19. “Short Sword” - Lux.Impala: A brief exploration of distressed sound and hip-hop beats from the enigmatic producer. From the six-track EP, The Sword

20. “Everything Scatter” - Fela: The Afrobeat pioneer’s reissue program continues with another six albums on vinyl—Roforofo Fight, Alagbon Close, Everything Scatter, Na Poi, Fear Not for Man, and Beasts of No Nation. Due out October 16.