Migos put on a disapointing show after taking the Buku stage 50 minutes late. 

migos photo by steph catsoulis for my spilt milk
Migos' Takeoff at Buku, by Steph Catsoulis

Migos were barely present at Buku on Friday night. The Atlanta rap trio has been churning out hits since their 2013 track “Versace" and climbed the cultural ladder to become arguably the most prominent group in music in the past few years. Their triplet rhythms, fashion sense, and dance move (“the dab”) have been adopted globally, making them a staple of American pop culture. Migos’ headlining appearance at Buku was major selling point for many festival goers.

Fans flocked to the Power Plant Stage to see them, but the hype was squashed when it was announced that they  landed in New Orleans 20 minutes after their scheduled show time. The masses that gathered to see Migos were not deterred, and many waited at the empty stage. After a mere 28 minute set, the audience’s attitudes changed. Migos took the stage without apology, and hit songs were cut in half, making the show feel rushed and careless. Migos opened with a 30-second preview of “Hannah Montana” that ended with a confetti explosion, but the energy feel contrived. Migos themselves seemed only partially excited by the stage effects. 

At one point, Offset tried to coordinate a mosh pit before performing--paradoxically--“Fresh Out the Bed,” but the audience was shoulder to shoulder and couldn’t make space for a pit. A handful of people jumped for a few seconds, only to look around with faces that asked, Why are we doing what these guys tell us to do? 

migos photo by steph catsoulis Migos' Offset at Buku, by Steph Catsoulis

Migos stumbled around the stage lazily. Maybe they were jet-lagged. Even hits like “Bad and Boujee” and “Fight Night” were cut short and lackluster. The only song that showed a flicker of commitment was “Walk It Like I Talk It.” Migos’ synergy was evident for the brief duration of the song, with Takeoff’s deep vocals complimenting Quavo’s flow and Offset’s rift. The flow quickly fell apart when they moved into “Motorsport,” which was mumbled for about 20 seconds before they called it quits. Migos closed playing half of “Stir Fry,” leaving the audience feeling betrayed. 

"That was the most pathetic performance I have ever seen," one fan tweeted. "That was the worst performance ever," tweeted another

Buku's Power Plant stage seemed cursed Friday night. The gap between SZA and Migos' sets was elongated in part by Migos' lateness but also because SZA ended her set early when she injured her ankle. Later, she tweeted:

sza tweet

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