The DJ and record collector traces his love of records to punk and Eddie Bo.

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By Jay West

[Updated] [Lauren Keenan is doing a series of videos on New Orleans' DJs for My Spilt Milk, starting with Brice White, professionally known as Brice Nice. Here are her notes accompanying the video.]

Brice White, professionally known as Brice Nice, has always loved vinyl. With a career that started out playing Sesame Street records as a kid, White has become a successful radio and club DJ and music historian. His record label Sinking City Records is known for focusing on music that celebrates New Orleans, with an emphasis on releasing on vinyl. In 2013, Sinking City released Street Music, the second full-length album and first vinyl release for Stooges Brass Band, and he collected rapper Ricky B.'s tracks for B is for Bounce.

White's love for vinyl has influenced him as a DJ, and he talks about learning the difficult process of mixing on wax, finally mastering it just as digital mixing was introduced. Still, as a DJ, he likes to be limited by what he has, even in the age of endlessly available digital music. He feels that a good DJ can rock any kind of party with any kind of music.

But even though his musical tastes are broad, White always comes back to punk rock. In fact, he can pinpoint a favorite year in music: 1982, the year that Washington, D.C. hardcore bands The Faith and Void released a split LP. Here, he discusses his serendipitous means of finding and learning about music.

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