This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new music from RJD2, Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP, Kenzie May, Elephant Stone and more!

1. “The Sheboygan Left” – RJD2: This lighthearted, jaunty single is a new release from RJD2’s forthcoming album, Dame Fortune, due out on March 25. 

2. “From Me To You” – Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP: The duo behind the old dance anthem, “We Speak No Americano,” has hit a sweet spot with this electro-pop cover of the Beatles classic, “From Me To You.”

3. “We All Fall Down” – A-Trak: Despite a painfully innocuous title, it’s hard not to love the blend of “80s electro soul, ‘90s Chicago house, and two-stepping Y2K chart toppers” that define A-Trak’s newest release.

4. “Gone Missing” (Brasstracks Remix) – Shift K3Y: The brass and bass aficionados, Brasstracks, have crafted a delightful remix yet again. This time, they infuse Shift K3Y’s UK garage single, “Gone Missing,” with organic trumpets and groovy Jersey Club percussion.

5. “IOU” – Annabel Jones: A stirring synth bass line sets the pace for this catchy single by recent Atlantic Records signee, Annabel Jones. The chorus features a subtle toy piano, echoing snaps, and a search for meaning.

6. “Never Find Another” – Kenzie May: Kenzie May’s haunting vocals float delicately over raw breakbeat percussion and humming 808s in this recent independent release.

7. “Love Train ft. Greg Paulus and Crew Love” – PillowTalk and Soul Clap: An extremely tight groove is deliberately and expertly crafted in this lush house single from PillowTalk and Soul Clap. If you’re feeling inspired, there’s a contest to create the music video, which you can learn more about here.

8. “Secret in the Dark” (Juan MacLean Edit) – Monika: A slow burning disco track that builds on euphoric melodies, Juan MacLean has brilliantly augmented Monika’s rich, wavering vocals with this edit.

9. “Future Soup ft. Patrick Baker” – Autograf: Pure vocals and filtered acid house synths make for unique listening on the first single released from Autograf’s forthcoming EP, Future Soup. Autograf will be play a VIP-only show at Buku March 12.

10. “Shake It Loose” – Astronauts, etc.: Good vibes abound in this Vulfpeck-esque, indie rock track recorded at Tiny Telephone Recording in San Francisco. You can catch Astronauts, etc. at the Howlin’ Wolf on March 22.

11.“Peanuts” – The Suffers: “Peanuts” is a moving song that features nuanced horns and soaring, bubbly vocals about putting aside differences, and simply “hanging” with loved ones. You can hear more from this impressive Houston group at Jazz Fest on April 28.

12. “Heart in a Cage” - 7Fields: Gentle vocals seduce listeners in this minimal acoustic cover of “Heart in a Cage,” by The Strokes.

13. “One Fine Summer Morning” – Britta Phillips: This airy indie track is an exciting glimpse of what’s to come on Phillips’ forthcoming album, Luck or Magic, her first without husband and long-time musical collaborator Dean Wareham, due out April 29 on Double Feature Records.

14. “All the Beauty” – Lila Rose: Rousing percussion and unusual intonations create an intriguing soundscape in this single recorded at Skyline Studios and the Rose Studios at Oakland.

15. “Where I’m Going” – Elephant Stone: This driving psychedelic tune is the second release from Elephant Stone’s forthcoming work, Ship of Fools. It will be the fourth album for the Montreal-based, hindie rock group.