Cool new tracks from Boyfriend while on tour and Val Hollie before the release of his debut album.

val hollie photo
Val Hollie

On the opening night of Boyfriend's tour with Big Freedia and Hibou, My Spilt Milk shot 360-degree photos backstage at the House of Blues. Today while on tour, she has released a new remix of "Attention" by Boogie T. This remix gives the song more grind than the original, emphasizing the hip action that is implied in almost every Boyfriend song.

New New Orleans artist Val Hollie--Peter Campanelli to his friends--will release his debut EP, Val Hollie, November 13 and will play an album-release show that night at the Saturn Bar. I've now listened to "Stepping Outside," a lovely fragment of a song, four or five times today and enjoyed it each time. It borrows from the smart, lyrical early '80s British pop--as opposed to the bonkers "No sounds found in nature" '80s British pop. I hear a little Lloyd Cole or Aztec Camera lyricism without the earnest air of humble self-importance both wore like "Hello My Name is" badges.