In this week's My Spilt Milk Podcast, the singer/rapper/producer and songwriter talks about her new EP, her role models, Mariah Carey and meeting The B-52s' Cindy Wilson.

boyfriend photo
Boyfriend, by Jabari Jacobs

At the beginning of this week’s My Spilt Milk Podcast interview with Boyfriend, she says she worked to keep her first booking at Jazz Fest this year in perspective. Good thing since her set was one of those that was cancelled due to Sunday’s noontime deluge. 

Her new Next EP shows her expanding her field of vision. Gender and sexuality remain central to her music, but she’s less self-conscious confrontational—something she thought about when she considered possible career role models. At the same that her vision is becoming more specific and seemingly more niche—“rap cabaret”—her music reaches closer to the pop mainstream. You don’t hear the songs on Next and think that the only way others will them is if something goes viral; you can easily imagine them finding an audience. 

We talk about that, rap, pop, Mariah Carey and Cindy Wilson of The B-52s, who made a guest appearance on Boyfriend’s “Fun Sh*t” from the new EP.

This episode was recorded on the patio of PJ’s on Maple Street by Justin Gitelman with a guest appearance by Clara Rawls, who bonded with Boyfriend.