Better Than Ezra raised money for grade school kids, displaced police and firemen and more at this year's BTE Open at the Rock 'n' Bowl.

This year's BTE Open brought actor Jonathan Silverman, singer Tyler Bryant, Tonic's Emerson Hart, a couple of Mackels and more to the Rock 'n' Bowl last Friday afternoon. They along with other celebrities and - ahem - high rollers joined the members of Better Than Ezra in a two-part event that raised funds for the BTE Foundation. The afternoon was a bowling tournament; later that night, the band headlined a Patrons' Party at the Harrah's Theater. As of press time, the foundation hadn't reached a final total on the amount raised, but the single biggest-ticket item in the live auction was a private concert by the band, which went for $35,000.

Here's a video from the Rock 'n' Bowl partially shot using the new, experimental "hazicam" technique.