My Spilt Milk is pleased to debut a track from the band's new album, "Brother Moon," before it plays a CD-release show Friday night.

big rock candy mountain cover art
"Brother Moon" by Big Rock Candy Mountain

Time hasn't smoothed out Big Rock Candy Mountain's sense of musical adventure. On the new Brother Moon, they continue to flirt with prog rock gestures and uncommon song structures, all in an indie rock context. As a result, songs on the album move with the unpredictable daring of good prog, but with the pompousness replaced by a freak's love of tripping.

Their own explanations of their songs reinforces the sense that band's subtle rebellion is to ignore mainstream culture and replace it with their own. They're not totally detached--"F" is for football, "Black Rain" was inspired by the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and "Spy Boy" was grounded in the struggle to keep Mardi Gras Indians' culture alive. But none of those songs sounds weighty, and they live next to songs about True Blood, Jon Voight carving his way out of the snake in Anaconda, and in this My Spilt Milk debut of "Sister Sun," the impulse to stay up late and sleep in.

Big Rock Candy Mountain will play a CD-release party for Brother Moon Friday at Gasa Gasa.