This Week's Soundtrack previews Rick Ross, Counting Crows and more, with new music from The Coup, The xx and more. 

Photo of the Soul Rebels

This Week's Soundtrack:

1. "504" - The Soul Rebels: Sunday, the Saints host the Falcons in the Dome; Saturday night, Tipitina's holds the 3rd Annual Black and Gold Superfan Party as a warm-up with music by The Soul Rebels.

2. "Zulu, Where My Coconut At?" - Arden Lo and Rebirth Brass Band: Rebirth Brass Band will play Thursday at the Howlin' Wolf as part of the Fundraiser for The Lake Area High School Marching Band along with To Be Continued Brass Band, Michael Ward, and Davell Crawford.

3. "Whatever Happened to Peanut" - Glen David Andrews: Andrews plays Saturday night at the Howlin' Wolf at the Save Shell Beach Fundraiser and Auction with Tommy Malone, The Wild Magnolias, Johnny Vidacovich, Hot 8, Dana Abbot, and Christian Whinter Trio.

4. "Land of 7 Billion Dances" - The Coup: from the new album, Sorry to Bother You.

5. "3 Kings" - Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z: Rick Ross tops the Maybach Music Group show at the UNO Lakefront Arena Thursday night.

6. "Funk Destroyer" - Francesco Landucci: from the collection Rock, Beats, Electronic.

7. "Le Passion" - Lefeat Guster: from the new album Midnight Vibe.

8. "Foto Viva" - Mo' Horizons: another late night jam from the album, Come Touch the Sun.

9. "Sunset" - The xx: from the recent album, Coexist.

10. "Japan Japan" - Felix Kubin: from the excellent, appropriately named compilation, The Minimal Wave Tapes, Vol. 2.

11. "Do the Mussolini (Head Kick)" - Cabaret Voltaire: Early minimal electronic punk (or punk electronica).

12. "Presidente" - In Trance 95: more from The Minimal Wave Tapes, Vol. 2.

13. "Zeros" - The Soft Moon: the title track from the new album.

14. "Wally Wilder" - Delicate Steve: My Spilt Milk will present Delicate Steve at The Circle Bar November 29.

15. "DVS" - Mike Dillon: Percussionist Dillon plays the Ogden Museum of Southern Art Thursday at 6 p.m. This is from his recent album, Urn.

16. "Salvation Army Clothes" - Star & Micey: The Memphis power-pop band plays The Circle Bar Friday night. Look for more on them at My Spilt Milk Friday.

17. "Meet on the Ledge" - Counting Crows: Counting Crows play the Mahalia Jackson Theater Wednesday. This Fairport Convention cover comes from Underwater Sunshine, which also includes covers of songs by The Faces and Gram Parsons.

18. "The Way That it Goes" - Susan Cowsill: Susan Cowsill has stopped doing "Covered in Vinyl" nights, but she'll record a live album Friday night at Carrollton Station.

19. "I Live in a Car" - The Fastbacks: from the compilation of car songs, Runnin' on Fumes.