This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features music from Cellars, Steve James, Nap Eyes and more.

Sizzy Rocket photo
Sizzy Rocket

1. “Nighttime Girl” – Cellars: This airy, synthpop tune features sultry vocals by Alle Norton. It’s a cut from forthcoming album, Phases, set for release on April 15.

2. “Need Somebody” by Sizzy Rocket: Pop sensibility defines this upbeat single from New Yorker, Sizzy Rocket.

3. “Wherever It Be” – Jaill: An alternative song, included in the Infinity Cat Cassette Series, “Wherever It Be,” was best described to me as sounding, “like something from the Garden State soundtrack.”

4. “Thought Rock Fish Scale” – Nap Eyes: This introspective, meandering indie rock piece was recorded live in Nova Scotia, and offers a good glimpse into Nap Eyes’ sophomore album.

5. “Ringleader” – Public Memory: “Ringleader” is the first single released from Public Memory’s forthcoming album, Wuthering Drum, and its growling, wavering synths combined with knocking percussion make for promising listening. 

6. “Infinite High” (Bee’s Knees Remix) – Panama Wedding: Bee’s Knees has created electro-pop gold with this groovy rework of Panama Wedding's recent release.

7. “Love Myself” (Fareoh Remix) – Hailee Steinfeld: Although this is an unusually predictable remix from Fareoh, I still couldn’t help enjoying this feel-good house track over the weekend.

8. “Renaissance feat. Clairity” – Steve James: This original electronic track by L.A. producer, Steve James, has an undeniable pop appeal but enough bite to find its way into the club. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this promising young artist in the coming months.