Our highlights for the very busy week ahead include Girl Power, a Nicky Da B benefit, Ty Dolla $ign, Jimmy Cliff, and a tribute to John Lennon.

beck photo

Friday: Nicky Da B Benefit feat. Sissy Nobby, DJ Jubilee, Walt Wiggidy, BJ So Cole, Jo Jackson, Reedy, and DJ Lil Man, midnight, The Republic: Rapper and dancer Nicky Da B passed away far too young last month. Some of the proceeds for this show will go to his family to help with the costs of his death. (tickets) Also on Friday: Jeff the Brotherhood, Music Band, 10 p.m., One Eyed Jacks (tickets); Rotary Downs, The Night Janitor, 10 p.m., Gasa Gasa (tickets); Papa Mali, Aaron Wilkinson & Friends, 10 p.m. Tipitina’s (tickets); Super Diamond: The Neil Diamond Tribute, 8 p.m., House of Blues (tickets)

Saturday: Phantogram, Lia Ices, 9 p.m., The Republic: At Buku earlier this year, the dark, precise electro-pop of Phantogram was one of the weekend’s highlights. (sold out) Also on Saturday: Imelda May, The Bellfuries, 8 p.m., House of Blues (tickets); P.Y.M.P., Lucas Wylie, 10 p.m., Tipitina’s (tickets); The Tanglers CD-release party, 10 p.m., Gasa Gasa (tickets); Mike Dillon Band, High, Batebunda, 10 p.m., One Eyed Jacks (tickets); Terry McDermott and The Bonfires, Miggs, Kristen Palmer, 8 p.m., House of Blues’ Parish (tickets); John Papa Gros and Friends, 11 p.m., d.b.a.

Sunday: Beck, 6 p.m., House of Blues: Since a 2005 back injury, Beck doesn’t tour as much as he used to. If previous stops on the tour preview this rare club show, he’ll be more spirited and energetic than his Morning Phase from earlier this year might suggest. (tickets) Also on Sunday: St. Lucia, Joywave, 10 p.m., The Republic (tickets)

Monday: Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Bibby, Lost Wordz, 10 p.m., The Republic: On his Beach House EP mixtape, Ty Dolla $ign’s too busy thinking about getting laid and high to worry about anything else. His grooves are designed to accompany those pursuits, and he finds more inner life in those activities than you might expect. (tickets) Also on Monday: Bernhoft, The Wind and The Wave, 8 p.m., House of Blues’ Parish (tickets); Jimmy Cliff, DJ T-Roy, 8 p.m., House of Blues (tickets)

Tuesday: Interpol, Rey Pila, 8 p.m., House of Blues: With and now without founding bassist Carlos Dengler, Interpol doesn’t waver from its Joy Divisionly tense, moody dance rock. (tickets) Also on Tuesday: Jamestown Revival, The Black Cadillacs, 9 p.m., Gasa Gasa (tickets);

Wednesday: Polica, Web of Sunsets, 10 p.m., One Eyed Jacks: The Minneapolis-based electro-pop duo flirts with engagement in sexual politics—its Shulamith album gets its name from Shulamith Firestone, who wrote The Dialectic of Sex—but the songs are first about musical pleasures. (tickets) Also on Wednesday: Kelley Swindall, Lorraine Leckie and Her Demons, 10 p.m., Circle Bar; Full Moon Party with Sarah Quintana, Rex Gregory as Earthbound, Jonathan Freilich, Kirk Nasty, and Mark Bingham, 10 p.m., Siberia (tickets)

Thursday: Elysian Fields Forever Celebrating John Lennon’s Birthday, 9 p.m., Tipitina’s: John Lennon would have been 74 today, and his birthday will be honored by Paul Sanchez, Debbie Davis, Alex McMurray, Davis Rogan, Andre Bohren, the Panorama Jazz Band's Ben Schenck, who were among the musicians who also sang their favorite Paul McCartney songs after he cancelled his show at the Smoothie King Center earlier this summer. (tickets) Also on Thursday: St. Vincent, Matthew E. White, 8 p.m., House of Blues (tickets)

Other Stuff
Tonight, The Civic Theatre presents the Preservation Hall Ball with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band performing with guests Allen Toussaint, Ani DiFranco, Alexander of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Beats Antique, King Britt, Topsy Chapman and Betty Ann Williams. The night benefits the Preservation Hall Foundation, which works to promote awareness and appreciation for traditional New Orleans music and the communities that produce it. (tickets)

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Saturday The Howlin’ Wolf will host “Girl Power! A Benefit for Breast Cancer Research” with Tank and The Bangas, The Honorable South, Erika Falls, Sasha Masakowski. Proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. (tickets)

Former child star and Rilo Kiley member Jenny Lewis has found her most coherent musical voice as a solo artist. You can still hear a lot of ‘70s California rock and pop in her sound, but the lyrics bite harder than most from that era. Still, her songs are never bummers, even when the stories are hard ones. She’ll play The Civic Theatre Tuesday.(tickets)

Wednesday night, Katy Perry brings her chesty brand of PG empowerment to the Smoothie King Center with Tegan and Sara opening. (tickets)