bella blue photo by adrienne batistella

Madonna is a fitting burlesque muse.

Mark Hughes

On May 20, 2019 students, parents, and what seemed like every adult who’s known Mark Hughes in the past 20 years piled into the back lot of P

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JD McPherson learned much of what he needed to know from punk rock.

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“What are we about? Who are we?” AJ Haynes and Shreveport’s Seratones asked themselves those questions after they parted ways with guitarist Connor Davis in 2018. He had been part of the band along with bassist Adam Davis and drummer Jesse Gabriel from the start, and his furious guitar was crucial to the band’s MC5/Detroit rock ’n’ roll sound on display on the band’s its 2016 debut album, Get Gone.

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[Updated] When Sinkane wants revolution, it folds The Beatles’ “

Lana Del Rey

“Goddamn, man child / You fucked me so good I almost said I love you,” Lana Del Rey begins her fifth al

flying lotus photo

Flying Lotus (Stephen Ellison) returned to the Joy Th

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We can talk about how she plays 20 instruments, admire how she writes and produces all her music, or wonder how she finished a Billboard-charting album in a month. If we did, we would be jumping over something much deeper that lives in her music: her flow state.

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Lizzo wants her live shows to be church, and her sold out show at the

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Over the past few months, thousands of women in the New Orleans region have been exchanging emails, booking hotel rooms, and coordinating payments among themselves for tickets and matching screen-printed t-shirts with slogans like “Oh my god, we’re back again” in swirling, Pinterest-esque script. If they’re like me, maybe they giggled self-deprecatingly when telling people about their upcoming plan to attend a Backstreet Boys concert at the Smoothie King Center on August 30.