Christian Scott and the Refined Players

Musicians have relied on sponsorships since medieval kings hired court jesters, so it didn’t seem strange when Christian Scott too

bird and the bee photo

A free, downloadable mixtape of Christmas music spanning the musical spectrum from wartime domestic pop to R&B to K-Pop to house.

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Our favorite things this week include the ways, alternatives, and consequences of self-medicating, and David Bowie's Berlin years.

paige photo

Last week, two teams of newcomers shook up up the Raw and Smackdown Live women’s divisions.

Tiffany Jade

The local R&B singer opened for Azealea Banks last month, and has a new single out with more coming next month.

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Scott McCaughey’s songs for The Minus 5 rarely line up exactly.

noname photo

Fatimah Warner snuck onto the scene in 2013 as Noname Gypsy, outclassing Chance the Rapper on his own track, “Lost,” from Acid Rap, the mixt

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[Update] Those who know Tav Falco know for either Panther Burns’ blind-man-with

boris photo by sam weil for my spilt milk

When Boris played One Eyed Jacks recently, there were moments when the Japa

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It was a depressing moment when Triple H announced himself to be the final member of Raw’s Survivor Series team.

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Our favorite things this week include bilingual house, pop-R&B, and new episodes of "Steven Universe" that bring Steven down to Earth.

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I’ve been more interested in Bob Dylan live than on record since I saw him remake “Maggie’s Farm” as punk zydeco at the Saenger one time

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Last week, The New Day re-invaded Raw during the Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins tag team title defense against Cesaro and Sheamus.

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In interviews following the release of Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, Ariel Pink

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Jay-Z has always been the best at brushing off hate.

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Our favorite things this week include "Lotta Sea Lice," a pro wrestling doc, nonbinary poetry, new jack pop, and the musical onset of dementia in six parts.

old crow medicine show photo

Thursday night, Old Crow Medicine Show covers Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde" at the Orpheum.

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Last week on Smackdown Live, Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers beat down A.J. Styles.

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It’s not news anymore that Stephen Ellison (Flying Lotus) can be whiny.

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“Sometimes friends are jerks,” sang James Murphy Saturday night at the Orpheum, eliciting an audible gasp from the audience.

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In the month between the time that photographer Katie Sikora and musician Alex

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The Christmas music business doesn’t wait for Halloween, much less Thanksgiving.