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The surf-like band takes on bigger issues on its new album, "Bermuda."

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Many bands still seem addicted to the major label-dictated album cycle that once prompted Prince to declare himself a slave.

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For season one of HBO’s Treme, music supervisor Blake Leyh wanted to include a p

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50 Cent was notably absent from the 2016 Forbes Five after declaring bank

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David Kunian is trying to find out what he’s got.

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[My Spilt Milk contributor Ryan Knight filed this report from Shaky Beats in Atlanta.]

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On Thursday, while the hip-hop world buzzed with anticipation for Ch

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Today Dick Dale concludes his 65-minute monologue in a crustier mood.

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[This review from The Republic last week is the first from new contributor Raphael Helfand.]

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When I read surf guitar hero Dick Dale’s memories in this series, I see the thoug

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Dick Dale is now 74, and on the phone recently, he held court for 65 minutes with

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For years, Dick Dale seemed to be a poster child—okay, poster man—for how to grow

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My Spilt Milk has a number of new contributors, and there's no better way to get to know them than by what they're listening to, rea

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Today, The Wooden Wings released a surprising new track, “Ashamed

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My last days of Jazz Fest were as odd as the days themselves.

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Saturday ended with a number of impromptu water features on the Fair Grounds.