will butler photo

Fresh music from Quickie Mart, GRiZ, DJ Carnage, Calexico and Two Gallants.

shadow hero cover

Our favorite things this week include the first Chinese-American superhero and your online home for hostile language.

yonatan gat photo

As a member of Israeli rock ’n’ roll band Monotonix, Yonatan Gat didn’t recognize

bo dollis photo by erika goldring

[Updated] Last week, Big Chief Bo Dollis of The Wild Magnolias finally succumbed to the illnesses that forced him to turn over the

willie mae's fried chicken

New Orleans is the biggest small town in America, but leaving your neighborhood can often sound as daunting as a drive to Missouri.

they call us wild cover

Yesterday, Bo Dollis, Big Chief of The Wild Magnolias, died after a prolonged battle with ill health.

smoking photo

When Jimmy Anselmo wanted a liquor license so that the new owners could open Jimmy’s Music Club, they had to sign a good neighbor agreement that wa

exhibit be art

[Updated] When’s the last time you heard of people jumping the fence to see art?

randy newman photo

“Did I sing the Standard Oil verse twice?” asked Randy Newman.

ben howard photo

If anyone showed up at the Civic Theatre last night looking for uplif

ben howard photo

Our highlights for the week ahead include Ben Howard, Mother Falcon, Marco Benetti, and Quintron's audio translation of the weather, visualized.

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Victoria Williams has probably always been an acquired taste.

woody allen album cover

Our favorite things this week include Woody Allen's "The Stand-Up Years," "Inherent Vice" by Thomas Pynchon not Paul Thomas Anderson, and "Saga" by Brian K. Vaughan.

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To the surprise of nobody who noticed a gap in the routing for The Who’s North American tour, The Who will be one of the headliners in this year’s

batman '66 art

My introduction to this year's Wizard World Comic Con came Saturday w

lou ferrigno photo

The incarnation of The Hulk that appeared in Joss Whedon's The Avengers was the one comic book fans have been waiting for.

kiss destroyer cover art

The cover of 1975’s Destroyer ushered in the era of megastardom for Kiss. Before it, the band looked at best mysterious and intriguing.

Johnette Napolitano photo

Our highlights for the week ahead including the Wizard World Comic Con, Concrete Blonde's Johnette Napolitano, The Breton Sound's Desert Island Discs, Elvis' Birthday, Chewbacchus, and Pennywise.

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[Updated] With all due respect to my friend Larry Blumenfeld, he buried the lede in “

hand drying by ben katchor cover

When the WizardWorld Comic Con comes to the Morial Convention Center,

johnny thunders pub shot

It’s pretty much a given that the makers of music documentaries are too in love with their subjects to do the job.