Cover art for the Heartbreakers' "L.A.M.F." box

This week's Milk Run looks at what to do this week in New Orleans, including a tribute to Johnny Thunders, stand-up comedy, Anthony Hamilton and a benefit for Jimmy's.

Art from a Jimmy's T-shirt

Yesterday I wrote about my takeaway from the St. Roch Tavern ABO hearing.

Jazz Fest 2013 poster

"The look-forward-to-it-ness is more than I can ever remember," Quint Davis announced today at the press conference to unveil the poster and schedu

Recently, PearlJamOnLine - the Twitter feed for an Italian Pearl Jam fan club - tw

Photo of Leonard Cohen

Hot Chip, Hogs for the Cause, Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton, and benefits for Houseman and Warmdaddy dominate the week in live music in New Orleans.

Photo of Christian Finnegan

You know stand-up comedian Christian Finnegan, whether you know it or not.

Cover art for Brassft Punk

For years, the implied promise of electronic music was that it was the sound of the future, from Walter/Wendy Carlos to Bruce Haack to Kraftwerk an

Cover art for Elvis aloha from Hawaii

Elvis Presley's enduring presence in New Orleans has a strong camp edge courtesy of The Rolli

Photo of Young Buffalo

Nothing prepares you for coming over a rise and seeing fire trucks parked sideways on the I-10, feeding four lanes down to one.

Photo of The Holydrug Couple

[Updated] It's easy to grouse about South by Southwest. Too many people. Too many bands. Too corporate.

Hot Chip will play The House of Blues on March 25, and My Spilt Milk is partnering with The House of Blues to give away a pair of tickets to see th

Photo of Boats

Reviews of A Fairway Full of Miners reference the unusually high voice of the singer for Winnipeg's

Patrick Krief of Canadian alternative rock band Krief works in layers.

Photo of Erin McKeown

This week, Erin McKeown is in the middle of South by Southwest; two weeks ago, she was fe

Poster for "Catch the Wall"

"It's important for us to tell original stories," says A.J.

Photo from "Quidam"

Cirque du Soleil's "Quidam" starts when a bored little gir

Cover art for "Stranger in My Land"

Wednesday in Austin, Bloodshot Records will start its South by Southwest at The Cont

Photo of Nicholas Payton

I don't get usually involved in genre-definition conversations, partly because when asked what they make, most musicians will say "music" instead o

Cover art for "#wesofamis"

[NSFW] Quickie Mart's Super Mart Produce label will release #WE

Photo of ZZ Ward

"You asked me how long I'd stay by your side," ZZ Ward sings.

Photo of STRFKR

Tonight concludes the second Buku Music and Art Project, the festival at Mardi Gras World


Between Buku and bands traveling to and from Austin because of SXSW, New Orleans is a musically exciting place for touring bands this week.

There’s a good and bad side to the music industry, and post-modern math rock band

Photo of Stompin' Tom Connors

Yesterday, Canadian country singer Stompin' Tom Connors passed away at

Photo of Kishi Bashi

You've heard Kishi Bashi whether you know it or not.

Cover art for 'The Gravy"

"When I started working at OffBeat, my first book had just come out,

Poster for Boats & Krief

"Never ever ever change your font size / Never ever become a vengeful ghost," Mat Klachefsky sings on

Cover art for "Get an Understanding"

In my last years at OffBeat, I became reluctant to review or run comments on Gospel Tent performances during Jazz Fest.

Still from "The Mystery in Old Bathbath"

This week in New Orleans nightlife includes Black Taxi, Acid Baby Jesus, Bill Kirchen, "The Mystery in Old Bathbath," and a WTUL-sponsored night of surf.