Photo from Treme season 3

After Hurricane Katrina, Fats Domino became an even more resonant presence in New Orleans because reports of his death were premature too.

Photo of James Hetfield of Metallica by Cherie LeJeune

"We're Green Day except taller," Metallica's James Hetfield announced Saturday night at T

Photo of Lost Bayou Ramblers

Team Milk has reached consensus on three shows - Jack White, Royal Teeth, and The Lost Bayou Rambler

Photo of Gary Clark Jr.

Festivalgoers are accustomed to a fair amount of production to keep the live experience dynamic and visual, but Neil Young and Crazy Horse made due

Photo of MyNameIsJohnMichael

Yesterday at Voodoo, I carried a light jacket in case I needed it; tonight, I fear a light jacket won't be enough, and that we'll enjoy the pyro in

Photo of O. Perry Walker Marching Band

Sitting still doesn’t come naturally to a lot of kids. Getting students to sit still long enough to learn is often the teachers’ hardest job.

Photo of Clint Maegen by Zack Smith.

Photographer Zack Smith loves to set up photo booths and document not the moment but the pe

Photo of CC Adcock

My Spilt Milk will be at The Voodoo Experience all weekend in City Park. Here's where we plan to be on Friday:

Before rock musicians began turning up their amplifiers as loud as they could and roaring into microphones, there was something like what Cha

I witnessed New Orleans/Lafayette indie dance pop band Royal Teeth play The Bac

Photo of Cheick Hamala Diabate

"When you listen to Mali music, you hear a lot of different music inside, like salsa, reggae, Ch

Photo of Thomas Dolby
Thomas Dolby last visited New Orleans in the spring when his Time Capsule Tour came to Tipitina’s.
Photo of DJ Davis from Treme

This season of HBO's Treme has dealt explicitly with cultural preservation, whether

Cover art for "Psychedelic Pill" by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

[Updated] Neil Young will headline the opening night of The Voodoo Experience Friday night, but he'll talk to you today at 2 p.m.

Photo of Baars-Henneman Duo

The Open Ears Series has presented weekly improvised music shows for fi

“You always remember your first,” Say Anything songwriter and vocalist Max Bem

On Sunday night, stand-up comedian Wanda Sykes will perform Sunday night at the

Photo of K'naan

This Week's Soundtrack looks ahead to shows by Trombone Shorty, Sarah and the Tall Boys, Man or Astroman? and bands playing Voodoo.

Photo from Treme season 3

[Spoilers abound] Early in this week's episode of Treme, Davis (Steve Zahn) shows tourists the battered, neglected remain

Photo of The Afghan Whigs

For me, reuinion gigs often fail to satisfy, not because the band can't play anymore but because they're too excited that they can.

Photo of Trombone Shorty

Afghan Whigs, Trombone Shorty, and Thomas Dolby speaking at TribeCon are among the week ahead's highlights.

Photo of Dark Dark Dark

"Schizophrenic" is too strong a word, but Walt McClements has feet in two different worlds.

Earlier this summer, Helen Gillet had a good conversation on improvisation and the social dim

Photo of The Lumineers

"Normally I ask people to put away their phones," The Lumineers' Wesley Schultz told the cro

Photo of Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells went onstage slightly after 10, and at 10:58 I was on the sidewalk o

Photo of Sleigh Bells

a look ahead to shows by The Lumineers, Sleigh Bells, Matt and Kim, The Afghan Whigs and more; and new music from Tame Impala, A.C. Newman, Bad Books and more.

Photo from Treme season 3

[Spoilers abound.] This week, it became apparent what New Orleanians are up against.

Screen grab of Facebook message

After Green Day withdrew from this year's lineup for The Voodoo Experience, speculati

Photo of Dinner Lab by Kristy Oustalet

Nothing makes you appreciate the details of setting up a restaurant like setting one up week after week in unusual locations.

Small-town Indiana’s Houndmouth makes the kind of music you’d imagine railroad workers h

Photo of Cyril Neville

It's a good week for roots music in New Orleans this week with the Blues and BBQ Fest, Steve Earle, The Lumineers, John Hiatt and Patti Griffin.

Image of newspapers

[Updated] So far, New Orleans has had two panels and one symposium to help it get a grip on its changing media landscape - what's

Cover image for "The Focus Tape" by Dee-1

Dee-1 has a lot to say. When a helicopter flies low over the Magazine Street PJ's while we're talking, he doesn't wait for it to pass.

Photo of Green Day

According to an announcement released this morning:

Photo of Green Day

On September 24, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong checked himself into rehab after an onstage rant at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.

Thunderous Canadian post-rock instrumental group Godspeed You!

Photo from Treme season 3

Last week's Treme looked at the bargains we make to get what we want; this week's episode examines the

Photo of the Meters

A preview of shows by M83, Dan Deacon, Bombay Bicycle Club and Moon Duo, along with new music by Miguel, The Mountain Goats, John Cale and more.

Photo by Tav Falco
Tonight, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art opens a new show, "50 Photos: The Iconograp
Photo of Menomena

Dynamics are a powerful thing, and Menomena knows it.

Image for "We Heart Mike"

[Updated] Wednesday night, Governor Mitt Romney tried work his way around the pre-existing conditions question, allowing that peop

“We haven’t played this song in 29 years,” Red Hot Chili Peppers’s bass player Flea sa

Photo of Godspeed You! Black Emperor

The week ahead includes shows by Antibalas, Dee-1 and the Gretna Heritage Fest, as well as benefits for Mike Mayeux and Sheik Richardson.

Cover image for Behind the Magnolia Curtain
Yesterday's essay on Tav Falco's art began as an introduction to this interview, then developed a life of its
Dagguereotype of Tav Falco

Panther Burns' Tav Falco's vision takes a little explaining, but his photos, films, book and music share it.

Photo of Dee-1

Later this morning, I'm recording a Spilt Milk podcast with rapper Dee-1.

Photo of Victor Wooten
"Ohhh, I hit a baby deer."

Last Friday, I took part in The Oxford American's New South Journalism Sympos

“I appreciate sacred music,” says Rob Lowe of Austin-based instrumental band Balmorh

Photo from Treme

This week's episode does what Treme was made to do - illuminate a fundamental drama that most of us face.If things go according to plan, mos