Photo from Tales of the Cocktail

The challenge at Tales of the Cocktail is not to fall in a hole, or not to do so too soon.

Photo of Dam-Funk

Producer, musician and DJ Dam-Funk is Los Angeles' "Ambassador of Boogie Funk," and he'll play Tipitina's on September 16 at DJ Soul Sister's Birth

Image of Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Preservation Hall spent most of 2011 celebrating its 50th anniversary, culminating with

Animal Collective will perform in New Orleans on September 29 at the

Photo of The Knux

Hurricane Katrina sent brothers Kentrell "Krispy" Lindsey and Alvin "Joey" Lindsey out of New Orleans East - first to Houston, then to Los Angeles,

Photo of songwriter Jim McCormick

For decade, New Orleans' Jim McCormick has been writing songs on Music Row in Nashville. With Brantley Gilbert's "You Don't Know Her Like I Do," he has his first number one. What does that mean for him?

Tales of the Cocktail poster by Saveur.

How do you measure success? By the amount of ice you need?

Today, I'm pleased to announce that My Spilt Milk has joined with NOLA Defender,

Photo of Fiona Apple who has a song in This Week's Soundtrack

This week's soundtrack previews Tales of the Cocktail and upcoming shows, including Little Feat (this week) and Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective and Fiona Apple (in the future).

Photo of The Rap Game's Michael Patrick Welch

So easy, a kid can do it.

Photo of Patterson Hood from the Drive-By Truckers
“I co-wrote this song with my dear friend Kelly Hogan, who also came in to sing it with me,"

Where should you be this weekend? The "Tchoupitoulas" screening, Honey Island Swamp Band, The New Orleans Beatles Festival and the Kitty Lynn benefit. Next week? Tales of the Cocktail, The Who doc and more.

Screen grab from

This morning while walking the dog, I saw a paper on someone else's doorstep and one of the page one stories above the fold was about

For roughly 45 minutes, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who joked, reminisced, and occasio

Recently, Curren$y sat in with The Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Here's the video evidence.

The American Idol logo

This morning I tried to interview American Idol hopefuls that are auditioning t

Danny Barker had concerns about what the second line tradition had become before he died; was he right?

Cover image for Frank Ocean's Channel Orange

This week's Spotify playlist is inspired by the newest entry in Rhino's Single Notes series, Chuck Brown, Drew Brees and the new album by Twin Shadow.

The first look at the third season of the HBO series gives us Clint Maedgen, some new haircuts, and - yay! - the return of Nelson Hidalgo.

Image of movie poster for Save Our Souls featuring Slow Burn Burlesque

News on Uncle Lionel's funeral arrangements, and a look back at the week in Milk.

Photo of Dave Woolworth and Brad Hayden of Blackbird Hour

"Jeff Buckley, right?" a friend asked last night at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Poster for Spike Lee's "If God is Willing and The Creek Don't Rise" featuring Uncle Lionel Batiste

This is a good week for heavy music and road trips to Baton Rouge.

Photo of Brad Orrison of The Shed from Jason Rhein's footage.

The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint discovered what an impact it had made when it burned to the ground. Rotary Downs' Jason Rhein's is trying to document the country's efforts to rebuild The Shed.

Photo from the current show by Slow Burn Burlesque

The documentary Save Our Souls on the Slow Burn Burlesque Troupe is winning award for the story it tells.

Photo of rapper K. Gates, who made the documentary "Murda Capital."

Rapper K. Gates turns his attention from the New Orleans Saints to the New Orleans violence in his new documentary, Murda Capitol.

Photo of The English Beat to accompany a review of The Complete Beat box set.

The English Beat were easy to take for granted until you had to deal with them. As The Complete Beat box set demonstrates, then they were irresistible.

Photo of bun at the Vietnamese restaurant Magasin Cafe.

Magasin Cafe offers a popular, Uptown-appropriate take on the Vietnamese classics.

Image of Treme 2012 poster featuring the late Uncle Lionel Batiste

On Sunday, "Uncle" Lionel Batiste passed away at age 80 or 81 of cancer.

The cover image of The Honeypots' "Something Sweet" album.

Almost every time someone came to me with new music last week, it was international, which shaped

Photo of The Eastern Sea and Matt Hines.

I pushed one of Matt Hines' buttons. 

Screenshot from today at

At 7:52 a.m., the lead Entertainment stories on's mobile site date back to Monday - The Newsroom and True Blood renewed,

Updated: It's summer, so there's not a lot going on out there outside of the Essence Music Festival, though Friday also includes a great Tex

Tipitina's and My Spilt Milk have free tickets for you for Saturday night's "Tipitina's Rocks" show.

Photo of Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips breaking the Guinness World Record on the 24-hour tour.

A week ago at the time I'm writing, I was on the press bus following The Flaming Lips' entourage out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi as the band tried

Photo of Chef Menteur in concert.

All but the most cynical bands are labors of love. There's too much work for too little return to play music for anything but personal reasons.

Cover image of the New Orleans Helsinki Connection album Paradise on Earth

Jonathan Lethem goes Dick on The Talking Heads, The New Orleans Helsinki Connection needs some new records, and Graceland's still great even though Paul Simon doesn't get it.

Photo of yacht bounce originator Tony Skratchere.

When DJ Tony Skratchere talks about bounce, he does so with reverence.