NOLA's Tabb Singleton join the ranks of "Chopped" champs from the Crescent City.

Photo of Tabb Singleton

[Updated] Food Network's Chopped challenges chefs to craft dishes out of ingredients as disparate as grapefruit, taro root, beets and gummi bears, and evidently cooking in New Orleans is good training for the required creativity and craft. Tuesday night, Tabb Singleton, sous chef at NOLA in the French Quarter, joined Ms. Linda the Ya-Ka-Mein Lady (Linda Green), "Fireman" Mike Gowland and The Irish House's Matt Murphy as a winner on the show. In his three courses, he presented Bacon Braised Chicory Fried Lamb Fries with Glazed Banana, Herb Crusted Roasted Hen with Candied Beets; and a dessert of Rosewater and Raspberry Grits with Almond Caramel.

NOLA is an Emeril Lagasse restaurant, and in response to Singleton's success, Lagasse said:

Chef Tabb has a passion for cooking and a respect for the ingredients—two qualities that I know helped him finish on top. I love the spirit and creativity that goes into these competitions. It’s the same type of environment that we foster in our kitchens: building flavors, adding the unexpected.

Watch Food Network's listing for re-airings of the episode, "Bird in the Pan" to see Singleton's efforts.

Updated 12:15 p.m.

This episode of Chopped aired Tuesday, not last night. The text has been edited to make that correction.