This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new music from Infuze, Sun Club, Rastronaut, Young Romance, and more.

Futurebirds photo

1. “Real (Infuze Remix)” - Sofie Letitre: Late-night synths soar over futuristic percussion throughout Infuze’s most recent remix that premiered on NestHQ, a “taste-making” online platform.

2. “Summer Feet” – Sun Club:  “Summer Feet” is a lively pop track infiltrated by punk sensibilities from the Baltimore band Sun Club, who will be playing with The Districts at the Hi-Ho Lounge on October 23.

3. “Jungla” – Siete Catorce: Mexican producer Siete Catorce explores the boundaries of electronic music and tribal hallmarks with his avant-garde piece, “Jungla,” off his latest five-track EP, Paisajes.

4. “Hotel Parties” – Futurebirds: In “Hotel Parties,” warbling Americana vocals are a very successful vehicle for Futurebirds’ thoughtful, poetic lyrics. The uplifting instrumentation juxtaposes nicely with its meditative content. You can catch Futurebirds on October 24 at One Eyed Jacks.

5. “Flexx” – Rastronaut: Lisbon DJ Rastronaut has created a fiery jungle rhythm punctuated by erratic percussion and unusual synths with “Flexx.” It’s a globally oriented, club-ready single that was recently featured in the progressive Enchufada's “Upper Cuts” series.

6. “Sober" feat. Queen Magic (Childish Gambino cover) – Miami Horror: Miami Horror puts its unmistakable Talking Heads-meets-Big Gigantic sound to work on Childish Gambino’s, “Sober.” The '80s synth-influenced, pop-electronic cover is fun from start to finish, and available for free download on Soundcloud.

7. “Dreamer” – Twinkids: In “Dreamer” by Twinkids, slow progression culminates in sparkling keys and power-pop vocals. It is the first single to be released on Cascine’s singles label, CSCN.

8. “Paranormal Activity” – Akiine: Lovely vocals combined with unusual pronunciation create double entendres and multiple instances of duplicity in this intriguing single off Akiine’s Neptune EP, which is due out on October 30.  

9. "Rise" - Intertwine: The haunting trumpet that pierces “Rise” is an unexpected and exciting inclusion by the Norwegian producer, Intertwine, in this primarily ambient and atmospheric exploration of space/time.

10. "Wild" - Young Romance: With such an unoriginal song title and band name, Young Romance has done themselves a disservice. “Wild” begins with longing, romantic vocals over relatively bare instrumentation, then works itself into a rousing indie rock ballad that is refreshingly nostalgic. 


“After We’re Gone (Mix)” – Wolf + Lamb: This delightful mix is a blend of hip-hop and house influences, garnished by jazz melodies and instrumentation.