The local beat maker recently remixed a track for the Taiwanese rap group Juzzy Orange.

AF the Naysayer photo
AF the Naysayer, by Chad Whited

Earlier this year, I talked to beat maker AF the Naysayer about one of my favorite albums of last year, The Autodidact Instrumentals, Vol. 1 and Dolo Jazz Suite—a regular gathering of beat makers, DJs, and hip-hop producers. Recently, AF returned with a remix of “Friendly” by the Taiwanese rap group Juzzy Orange

“Tower, he's one of the five beat makers of the group,” AF says. “I original approached him about remixing a handful of songs almost two years ago. I think we're all happy the remix is now available to the public. The original version of ‘Friendly’ is upbeat and sample-based, so I decided to do the opposite. Simple synthesizer patches with a mellow drum groove.” 

The tension between his trademark synth swells and fragments of melancholy melody and Juzzy Orange’s staccato flow is engaging, and it modernizes the track, which featured big band swing and horn stings in the original.

“I’m very interested in working with more Taiwanese music acts,” AF says. “I’m currently working with Formo Sir who is also residing in Taipei like the members of Juzzy Orange.”