The New Orleans-based producer has a new song and a new EP in time for this weekend's festival.

AF the Naysayer photo
AF the Naysayer

Last September, AF The Naysayer released Armed Wing Battle Unit, an EP that emulated the soundtracks of videogames he loved. Although he is best known for his instrumental work on that EP and The Autodidact Instrumentals, he began working with emcees and has done a number of tracks with vocals in the last year or so. He has collected them for a new EP, Parts Act 1, which presents work he has done with Taiwanese rappers ILL MO and Formo Sir, and Baton Rouge’s Darby Capital.

His track with Capital, “Honey Vinegar,” sounds like it comes from the same period as The Autodidact Instrumentals and moves with a dreamy placidity until Darby Capital explodes into the track part way through shouting, “Ohmigod it’s like automatic fire!” From then on, his overdriven vocal runs the track with a ferocity so counter to AF’s that it’s almost like the tracks were randomly sync’ed. Still, they sound right together. Considering the success of AF’s collaboration with Juzzy Orange and Shizuku Kawahara of tinörks, I’m excited to hear the tracks with ILL MO and Formo Sir.

AF the Naysayer curated a Dolo Jazz Suite showcase at Buku last year, and on Saturday he’ll perform in the Back Alley at 6:15 p.m. For more of his story, go here and here.