In this new release, the local producer finds a new use for an old track.

af the naysayer photo
AF the Naysayer

One of my favorite albums of 2014 was AF the Naysayer's The Autodidact Instrumentals Vol. 1. The tracks began as part of a project with a Baton Rouge rapper, and when that fell apart he was left with a collection of instrumentals that had a clear, strong mood with a dub-like sense of space and groove.

“I wanted to make the compositions interesting enough where you can listen to them by themselves, but they wouldn’t take away attention if someone were to rap or sing over them,” he said when I interviewed him earlier this year.

One of the tracks from The Autodidact Instrumentals Vol. 1 has found a new life as Japanese vocalist  Shizuku Kawahara of TINÖRKS sings on "R-96." The track will appear on the upcoming Armor Wing Battle Unit EP, and it isn't AF's first or last collaboration with Asian artists. Earlier this year, he remixed "Friendly" by Taiwanese hip-hop group Juzzy Orange, and his is working on a project with another Taiwanese rapper, Formo Sir.